The Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Hillary Award













Fernhall Study Centre provides the opportunity for girls aged 14+  to complete the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Hillary Award. In 2014 we are offering the award at the Bronze Level. Information about the award can be found at but, to quote the DoE National Office:


“…the award is a non-competitive programme of individual challenge which aims to develop self-reliance, initiative and social awareness by participation in four areas of activity [Service, Physical Recreation, Skills and Expeditions], at three levels [Bronze, Silver and Gold], which require increasing perseverance and commitment.


The standing of the Award is internationally recognised and the qualities which the award brings out in young people must stand them in good stead in the battle for jobs.”


Fernhall is an approved provider and assessor for the Award. We can help participants select activites for their skill and physical recreation components but we primarily focus on providing the volunteer and tramping opportunities which meet the requirements for the Service and Expedition areas of activity. 


For more information on the DoE Award, please contact us.