Mothers groups










Mothers’ Groups help young mothers to gain deeper insights into their important work as primary educators of their children, to share knowledge, develop friendships and learn new skills. Mothers’ Groups provide nurturing and encouraging support for women in their work of strengthening their family and forming their children.


While each group varies somewhat, topics generally cover parenting skills, strategies for building a healthy and nurturing home environment, character formation, and how to foster faith in the family.


All Mothers’ Groups are conducted by volunteers of Fernhall who have received training and are now passing on what they have learned to other mothers.  One-on-one mentoring is available to anyone upon request.


Mothers’ groups meet in various locations throughout New Zealand.


For more information, dates and locations, contact us.



Talks are held specific for mothers, as well as other young women and young professionals. We've had a few guest speakers talk about various topics, which include taking care of the home and ethical issues faced in todays society.