Magnolia Girls Club


Imagine a future where every person is the best version of themselves... Through Magnolia Girls Club, this is the future we are working towards!  In the club we develop character strengths and lasting friendships through fun-filled cultural and educational activities.


The girls learn new skills which they are encouraged to bring home for the enrichment of their own families. By following the Club Code in every session, good habits and good choices become second nature. Helping them grow in a sense of gratitude for their own blessings and an awareness of their responsibility to be of service to society. One-on-one mentoring helps each girl to develop her unique talents.


Every 1st Saturday

of the Month

Time: 1.30-3.30pm

Cost: $15

Direct Debit: Fernhall Study Centre

020 536 032 5858 09

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For more inquiries, please contact: Marcy at: 0272477752

Our Code

At the beginning of each Club session, the girls receive a talk on a practical aspect of a virtue which is reinforced by the good example of the mentors. 

The Club Code highlights values that are important in the holistic development of the girls.

SHE LEADS 2021.jpg
SHE LEADS 2021.jpg

1. Be punctual

arrive on time

2. Be orderly

there’s a place for everything and everything has its place.

3. Be tough

don't complain and encourage your team to the very end.

4. Be beautiful

have self-respect and dress with dignity

5. Be a good sport

play to win but also learn to lose.

6. Be honest

always tell the truth.

7. Be friendly

look out for everyone not just for some.

8. Be cooperative

listen to your tutors and teammates.

9. Be the first to serve

see the needs of others and do something about it.

10 Be cheerful

stay positive in spite of the difficulties.

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