Fernhall offers programs for all aspects of life: cultural, intellectual, social and spiritual. All programmes are led by volunteers who pass on what they have received to others. One-on-one mentoring is available to anyone upon request.


Girls Club

For girls 9 to 11 & 12 to 15 years old

Pre-Club 6-8 years old

When? Saturday's, 1.30pm to 4.30pm

The girls have classes to learn new skills (painting, drama, dancing, cooking) followed by a talk on a virtue they can try putting into practice that week. The club then finishes with a fun activity such as a game, craft or cooking task, a sporting competition, an outing to the museum or beach, etc.

The Duke of Edinburgh

For girls 14 to 17 years old

Fernhall Study Centre  provides the opportunity for girls to complete the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Hillary Award at Bronze Level.

Discovering Real Initiatives in Volunteering Experience

DRIVE is an initiative designed for high school girls, university students and young professionals who wish to volunteer in a variety of settings. Participants work with elderly people, children with special needs and refugees in both local and overseas projects. 

Spiritual & Cultural

For women of all ages

Fernhall organises talks, monthly recollections and yearly retreats to help women develop their spiritual lives. 

Events such as international dinners, seminars and overseas trips are ways in which we broaden cultural horizons. 

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